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Supporting Voice Services

Supporting Voice Services

We have received several inquiries from applicants expressing support for Funds for Learning’s proposal to suspend the phase out of E-rate funding for telephone service. We have heard that voice services are mission critical and that the reduction in financial support is causing an unnecessary hardship for many organizations. If you agree, you can file comments with the FCC in support of our proposal.  This can be done by using the FCC’s Express Comment tool and it will only take a few minutes to complete.

Instructions for Filing Comments

Once you have accessed the Express Comment Tool, you will need to enter the required contact information, including the proceeding number: 02-6.  The text box field labeled “Brief Comments” is where you can voice your support by requesting the FCC pause the discount rate reduction for voice services.  Below is a sample of what an applicant might say, but you are encouraged to include your own unique information or specific examples highlighting the impact of the voice phase down:

Telephone and voice services are necessary and critical to our ability to educate our students.  Not only are voice services used to communicate between staff, teachers, parents and students, in the event of an emergency, voice and telephone services are critical to reaching 911/emergency personnel.  Voice service is not optional but is a service that all school districts and libraries have to receive in order to function day to day.  The phase down of support for these services has placed additional strain on budgets that are already being stretched to their limits.  At this time, we support Funds For Learning and their request to maintain the current level of support for voice and telephone service and keep the phase down at 40%.

Please remember that any comments filed are public record and will be accessible on the FCC website.

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