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Invoice Ext. Deadline Moved to Oct. 31

The deadline for FY2016 invoice extension requests has been extended until Monday, October 31. The FCC took this step because of problems with USAC’s online tools for requesting extensions. In a statement released this afternoon, the FCC said the following:

Because of these unanticipated technical issues that might have prevented requests for invoice deadline extensions, the Bureau extends the October 28, 2016 invoice deadline until 11:59 p.m. on October 31, 2016.

Applicants or service providers who do not meet the October 28 invoice deadline will now have until October 31 to submit an invoice deadline extension request.

This deadline extension for invoice deadline extension requests comes in the midst of a debate over deadlines. As part of an effort to streamline the operations of the E-rate program, the FCC recently has adopted a more lenient, but less flexible position towards due dates.

  • Invoice Deadline Extensions. The Modernization Order established a “no questions asked” system for a single, 120-day invoice deadline extension request. The “no questions asked” aspect of the Order greatly enhanced USAC’s ability to grant additional time for payment paperwork; however, the 120-day deadline requirement for requesting the extension, and the fact that only one extension is allowed, has become a point of contention for many stakeholders. (See Stakeholders Support SECA’s petition.)
  • Late Form 486 Waivers. In a similar vein, the FCC on October 20, 2016, released an Order clarifying that applicants could submit extension requests for Form 486 “Receipt of Service” deadlines but must do so within 120 of the last date of service. In the case of the Form 486, the FCC will also require justification as to the late filing of the form.

Stakeholder concerns about deadlines have been amplified by frustrations with the USAC EPC system, as well as the slower pace of FY2016 funding commitment decision letters.

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