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Data Privacy Day

January 28, 2017 is Data Privacy Day and many countries around the world observe this important day. The purpose is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. Funds For Learning regularly reviews its polices, internal controls and technology tied to data and privacy protections for its customers. 
Here are just a few ways that Funds For Learning promotes privacy and data protection best practices:
  • Access to is via SSL, secure communication between web servers and web browsers
  • ‚ÄãFunds For Learning does not share personal data with other parties
  • Funds For Learning uses industry standard encryption of sensitive data and documents
  • Access to stored information is limited by the user account‚Äã‚Äã
  • Data is redundantly stored on secure cloud-based systems
  • Funds For Learning’s general website privacy statement
While the goal of the E-rate program is to get school districts connected to high speed broadband connections, the program only supports basic firewall solutions. There are many other elements to protect data and privacy that need to be considered. School district leadership which includes superintendents, school boards and technology directors need to critically think about their networks, policies and how they collect and retain sensitive student information. Below are some additional resources that help with these efforts:
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