Recently, USAC reported that in consultation with the FCC, they are in the process of “formulating a plan to transfer the funds of the Universal Service Fund (USF) to the U.S. Department of Treasury” in order to reduce the financial risks and to have additional fiscal controls over the USF program.  Several Members of Congress sent FCC Chairman Pai a letter in September asking for reassurance that Congress could not use Universal Service Fund for other purposes as they believed these funds could only be used for this dedicated purpose.
FCC Chairman Pai confirmed their interpretation that USF monies could not be used by Congress for other purposes. FCC Chairman Pai stated, “…I am fully committed to bridging the digital divide, and the USF is an essential component of our strategy for accomplishing that goal… I would never condone any actions that undermine the USF’s financial stability. It would be impossible for USF monies to be spent for any purpose other than universal service…”
The Congressional Letter and Chairman Pai’s letter can be viewed​ here.