On September 13, 2018, USAC awarded Deloitte Consulting a contract to provide consulting services to support the transition of a new Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) contractor. The RFP stated that they would select a contractor to help with a BPO transition in the event a new contractor was selected and while Solix had been the current BPO contractor providing commitment and post-commitment E-rate support to USAC, it is now reasonable to assume that USAC will be moving away from Solix soon.  

As no formal USAC announcement has been made surrounding Solix, Deloitte Consulting will:
  1. support the “potential” transition of Solix’s operations to the new BPO USAC contractor, 
  2. develop and update training materials, 
  3. assist with the development and implementation of quality assurance and procedural efficiencies.  
The Deloitte Consulting award notice can be viewed here.
Information about the Project Management Firm RFP can be viewed here.
The USAC BPO contractor RFP can be viewed here.