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FCC Addresses Connect2 Appeals

On October 16, 2018, the FCC released an appeal decision that addresses funding requests tied to Connect2 Internet Network from 1998, 1999, and 2000. Connect2 Internet Network provided E-rate services to private schools in New York and violated E-rate program rules. The FCC found that Connect2 violated its “….obligation to ensure compliance with the non-discount share requirement through its independent billing and collection responsibilities, 2) sought E-rate support for providing services other than the services that the applicant applied for and that USAC approved; and 3) sought E-rate support for providing services outside of the funding year for which they were granted….”
The CEO of Connect2 Internet Networks was ultimately convicted of defrauding the E-rate program and had the distinction of the first E-rate service provider that the FCC proposed debarring from the program. Connect2 Internet Networks has not participated in the E-rate program since 2003.  
The FCC Connect2 Appeal Decision can be viewed here.
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