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FCC Grants Waiver of Red Light Rule

On December 20, 2018, the FCC waived the Red Light Rule for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) as it owed $1,519 as a result of commitment adjustment. After following the Red Light procedures, USAC denied MNPS’s FY 2016 applications totaling $3.6 million as the Red Light Rule prohibits any applicant from receiving E-rate benefits until the debt is repaid. MNPS repaid the debt and the FCC is granting this “limited, one time waiver” of the Red Light rule and find “….good cause to waive the Red Light Rule given the unique circumstances here, including grossly disproportionate disparity between the amount owed and the amount of funding dismissed as a result of the delinquent debt…”

However, the FCC cautions that “…it is unlikely that we would grant a waiver of the Red Light Rule in less extreme circumstances…”  

The FCC appeal decision can be viewed here.

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