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Recognizing the Hard Work of E-rate Staff

E-rate Coordinators work diligently to secure financial support for K-12 schools and public libraries. Throughout the year, they struggle with regulations, toil with forms and procedures, bear stress, and deal with relentless uncertainty. They fight for the dollars needed for Internet access, while wrestling with their own frustrations. Yet, too often, the dedication and sacrifice of these individuals is underappreciated and goes completely unnoticed. No hard-working professional should be ignored or taken for granted.

This is the reason Funds For Learning is launching a weekly "E-rate Coordinator Spotlight". We hope to illuminate the painstaking effort required to bring fast Internet to our nation's K-12 students and library patrons. Each week we will provide profiles of seasoned E-rate Coordinators. We want to honor the dedication and professionalism of these unsung heroes, while also giving them an opportunity to share their insider tips and insights with the E-rate community.

The Spotlight program honors the commitment, sacrifice and hard work of outstanding E-rate Coordinators. Please take the time today to thank an E-rate Coordinator. Furthermore, if you know of an outstanding coordinator that has gone "above and beyond" and sets the bar for others, please contact Together, we can salute these unsung heroes.

Click here to listen to their stories.

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