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FY19 Funding Decisions Released Apr 27

USAC notified applicants on April 27, 2019, that the first wave of funding year 2019 commitment decision letters had been released. 15,199 applicants received a total of $530,066,204 in funding commitments. This places funding year 2019 as the third-largest first funding wave in the history of the E-rate program.

The first funding wave of 2019 is perhaps the most well-rounded funding wave ever produced by USAC. It is not the largest; it is not the fastest; and it does not provide the most funding per applicant. As illustrated below, other funding years hold the record for those statistics. However, funding year 2019 is unique in that it one of the top five performers across the following categories: total dollar amount, count of applicants, and speed. For good measure, it ranks number six for amount of funding per applicant. When considering the totality of these factors, there is no funding year that matches funding year 2019.

Please join Funds For Learning at 2:00pm ET on May 1, 2019, as we take an in-depth look at the composition and status of the first funding wave of 2019. All registered attendees will receive a recording of the live event.




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