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85% of School Sites Received C2 Discounts

On August 16, 2019, Funds For Learning submitted a report entitled “E‚Äêrate Category Two Budget Utilization FY2015 to FY2019” to the Federal Communications Commission in response to its Category Two NPRM. The report details Category Two funding requests in Funding Years 2015-2019, summarizing results by site count, applicant size, applicant location, and more. Highlights from the report include:
  • 85% of the school sites in the country have received Category Two support since FY2015.
  • Over half of the country’ school sites have used over 75% of their total available C2 budget, with 33% fully utilizing all available funds.
  • The nationwide average C2 budget utilization is 65% for schools and 20% for libraries.
  • Less than 15% of schools nationwide received no Category Two support in FY2015 or later.
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