USAC recently released an RFP and is seeking up to eight audit firms to perform audits of beneficiaries and service providers of all four Universal Service Fund programs which include: High Cost, Lifeline, Schools and Libraries, and Rural Health Care program. The contractor will develop procedures to audit E-rate stakeholders which include:
Applicant Procedures
  • Evaluate the applicant’s competitive bidding process;
  • Ensure the applicant is eligible to receive Schools and Libraries Program support;
  • Evaluate the applicant’s discount calculation methodology;
  • Evaluate the applicant’s inventory management and tracking process;
  • Evaluate the applicant’s invoice processing and approval process;
  • Evaluate the applicant’s compliance with the requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act
Service Provider Procedures:
  • Evaluate the service provider’s background
  • Evaluate the service provider’s invoicing processing and approval process;
  • Evaluate the service provider’s compliance with the E-rate’s rules surrounding Lowest Corresponding Price
The USAC Audit RFP can be found here.