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Rosenworcel Wants Students Online

In a September 3rd op-ed published by The Hill, FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel shares her concern about the broadband access homework gap, which affects 12 million students according to the Senate Joint Economic Committee. Stating that “fixing this problem starts with smart infrastructure policy to get broadband in more places,” Rosenworcel adds that “we need to go beyond deployment and think about affordability.”
Expressing her concern about the FCC’s proceeding which proposes to combine the E-rate and Rural Heath Care funding caps, Rosenworcel opines:
Having students and teachers slug it out for funds with health-care providers makes no sense. It would only unleash a universal service hunger games that won’t make it any easier for classrooms to get the broadband they need. That’s why the FCC should terminate this proposal now, as the school year gets underway.
The full op-ed may be viewed here.
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