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Quarterly SLD Board Meeting Highlights

On January 27, 2020, the USAC Schools & Libraries Committee held its quarterly board meeting. Meeting Highlights include:
  • USAC management recommended the Committee approve the 2Q2020 Budget and projection of demand as proposed. 1Q2020 Total Budget $20.49 (millions), 2Q2020 Budget 21.41 (millions).
  • Election of Committee Chair is Dr. Daniel Domenech, see
  • Election of Committee Vice Chair is Julie Tritt Schell (Treasurer)
  • USAC reported that FY 2019 Accomplishments included the following
 Largest first PIA wave issued in April, 18,515 applications for $530 million.
 Achieved 95% Sept 1 PIA “workable” application PIA benchmark
 Issued 97.4% of Fiber applications by 12/31
  • USAC reported 2019 Appeal Processing was OVER target goals of 90 days.
Q4 USAC appeals were processing at 131 days, more than two months over target. This data excludes appeals that are at USAC on FCC hold. The number of appeals held by the FCC is unknown.  
  • USAC 2020 Goals
    Close the window (January 15- March 25,2020) with no issues
    Meet FCC September 1 application goal “workable” applications
    Implement C2 budget requirements for transition year 2020
    Make BEAR invoicing disbursement process more efficient
USAC plans to process BEARs by line items and will no longer hold a BEAR until all line items clear review. This is currently like how SPI forms are processed at USAC.
Multi-factor authentication for EPC is expected in May 2020 time frame
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