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82% of ECF Applicants Receive Commitments

The FCC has committed over $3.2 billion of the $5.16 billion requested by applicants in the first Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) filing window.

Funds For Learning analysis shows that 82% of ECF applicants have received commitments for the initial ECF requests. New York City Department of Education tops the list of applicants with the highest dollar amount committed, followed by Chicago Public Schools. Puerto Rico Department of Education and Detroit Public Schools Community District are also among those that have received large commitment amounts, both having already received 100% of the ECF commitments which they had requested.

Out of 56 states and territories, 54 have received a funding commitment for the initial ECF requests. American Samoa and Northern Mariana Islands are yet to receive a funding commitment. Virgin Islands applicants have received 1%, or $33,077.60, of their requested support; and Alaska applicants have received 9%, or $4,877,058.52, of their total ECF requests. No funding commitments have been issued yet for the second ECF filing window.

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