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Free Tool Helps Schools Compare Internet Costs

K-12 schools can now access a free pricing comparison tool for their internet access. Connect K-12 has published its 2021 broadband data tool. This is an online resource that provides school district leaders with internet speed and pricing information. The website has been updated with the latest E-rate funding request data, as well as direct feedback from nearly 30 state governments. School districts that are considering an upgrade to their Internet speeds are encouraged to use this tool to review current service offerings and pricing in their area.

The Connect K-12 system was originally developed in 2012 by EducationSuperHighway as part of an effort to equip local and state leaders with service information and to promote better pricing via enhanced data transparency. The initiative is now managed through a unique partnership of Connected Nation and Funds For Learning. “Connect K-12 is a simple, yet powerful, tool that can be used by any school to help them make better informed decisions for their internet access,” said John Harrington, CEO of Funds For Learning. “We are proud to work alongside Connected Nation to deliver this useful resource to every school district in America.”

View the newly published 2021 E-rate internet pricing data at

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