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FY2024 Draft Eligible Services List Released

On September 12, 2023, the Federal Communications Commission issued a Public Notice seeking comment on its proposed Eligible Services List (ESL) for Funding Year 2024. The draft FY2024 ESL proposes two “minor revisions” to the list in the form of clarifications.  

First, the draft ESL “clarifies that the software necessary to operate or maintain Category One network equipment is eligible.” Second, the draft “clarifies that consulting fees not related to the installation and configuration of eligible components are ineligible.” Finally, the Commission made “a minor edit to clarify that off-campus use even if used for educational purposes is generally ineligible, and must be cost-allocated” from E-rate funding requests.  

Apart from the clarifications regarding software for Category One equipment and consulting fees, the Commission did not propose adding or removing any products or services from the Eligible Services List.  

Comments to the proposed ESL are due on October 12, 2023, with reply comments due October 26, 2023.  The draft ESL may be accessed here. 

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