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    E-rate State Information: Wisconsin

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    Education Department / Lunch Information

    Dept. of Education Website
    State Lunch Numbers

    Estimate Your Category Two School/District Budget

    Category Two Budget CalculatorBudget Calculator

    State E-rate Coordinators

    State Coordinator:
    NameBob Bocher
    Area CoveredSchools And Libraries
    AddressP.O. Box 7841
    Madison, WI 53707
    Phone(608) 266-2127
    Fax(608) 267-9207

    Technology Plan Approvers

    The information contained in this section was obtained from the Schools and Libraries Division of USAC’s website (

    Primary ContactMort Zaydel
    TitleTechnology Coordinator
    Address1501 S. Layton Blvd.
    Milwaukee, WI 53215
    Phone(414) 758-2262
    Fax(414) 769-3408
    Alternate Contact

    E-rate Summary

    The table below shows state-wide E-rate summary information for the E-rate Funding Years indicated.

    Year Requests Requested Committed Disbursed
    2019 1,599 $87,525,294.65 $27,445,967.16 $3,209,185.90
    2018 1,775 $36,787,419.64 $29,190,064.26 $23,009,292.41
    2017 2,870 $252,072,054.32 $41,979,987.81 $34,375,266.23

    Source: E-rate Manager® (Current as of 11/13/2019 5:30 AM CST)

    E-rate Non-traditional Student Eligibility

    The information contained in this section was obtained from the Eligibility Table for Non-Traditional Education page for Schools and Library Applicants of the Schools and Libraries Divison of USAC.

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