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FCC Sets Procedure for Filing Intrastate Discount Matrices

The Federal Communications Commission said Sept. 29 that states must notify the commission and the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) by Dec. 31, 1997, if they have adopted an intrastate discount matrix for schools and libraries.

Under the rules governing the e-rate program, for schools and libraries to be eligible for e-rate support, their states must have adopted discounts for intrastate telecommunications services that are at least as generous as the discounts set by the federal government for interstate services.

On Sept. 29, the commission specified that states must send a one-page letter to USAC stating this fact. A copy of the letter must also be sent to Sheryl Todd and the Office of the Secretary at the FCC. The FCC said that a copy of the adopted matrix should be included. The agency said that letters regarding the discount matrix must be received by the Office of the Secretary by Dec. 31, 1997, to be eligible for funding beginning in the new calendar year.

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