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SLC Says More than Half Want Less than $10,000

The Schools and Libraries Corporation says that more than half of the applications it has received for E-rate discounts are seeking less than $10,000, while only 1 percent are seeking more than $1 million. In a report to the Federal Communications Commission, the SLC said that 53 percent of applications had requested less than $10,000 in subsidies and 70 percent, less than $25,000 in discounts.

Fourteen percent of the requests were for less than $1,000, 18 percent were in the range of $10,000-$25,000, 28 percent for $25,000-$100,000.

SLC CEO Ira Fishman said the numbers "clearly show universal service is working" because "we are seeing significant participation" from small, rural communities as well as large urban areas.

In an earlier filing to the FCC, the SLC had projected that the support requested by the close to 31,000 applications it had received through April 30 would total $2.02 billion.

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