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SLD Approves Internal Connections Down to 50 Percent Level

The Schools and Libraries Division has begun approving Year 2 funding commitments for internal connections down to the 50 percent discount rate.

The SLD has not yet formally announced the new threshold to applicants, but the change, which occurred in Wave 14, has been communicated to state representatives and vendors. The new threshold would make the threshold for Year 2 20 percentage points lower than it was in the first funding year.

In Wave 14, the SLD distributed more than 2,200 letters with commitments totaling about $141 million. The most recent wave means that the SLD has committed about half of the $2.25 billion it has available for Year 2, which runs from July 1, 1999 to June 30, 2000.

Still under discussion is what will happen to funds from Year One that were either left uncommitted or unspent.


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