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SLD Set Dates of Year 5 Filing Window

The governing body of the Schools and Libraries Division has voted to set the dates of the Funding Year 5 filing window from Monday Nov. 5, 2001 to Thursday Jan. 17, 2002. Under that schedule, Form 470 applications would have to be posted on the SLD's Web site by Thursday Dec. 20, 2001 to provide enough time for the 28-day posting period before the close of the filing window.

That 74-day filing window is essentially the same as the one used in the past two funding years. The decision came at the quarterly meeting of the Schools and Libraries Committee of the Universal Services Administrative Company Board of Directors.

The SLD staff also said that before the start of the filing window, it will implement a new process that will permit applicants to certify their applications online, rather than on paper as was the case in the past. Although applicants will still be required to file the "Descriptions of Service" that accompany the Form 471 application on paper, the SLD indicated that it will no longer require that those be filed before the close of the filing window.

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