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USAC Issues Warning about Misrepresentations

The Universal Service Administrative Company has issued a warning concerning individuals that are misrepresenting themselves as USAC investigators or as "SLD-certified" E-rate consultants. 

USAC said it has received reports of an individual approaching schools in the New York area, claiming to represent the Schools and Libraries Division in an investigation of the schools' service providers. According to the reports, the individual makes accusations about the school's current service provider and then attempts to solicit the school's business for his company.

The SLD noted that it does not conduct informal investigations of service providers at school and library sites. Although it does conduct on-site audits, its auditors provide documentation upon request. Schools and libraries who may have been approached in this manner were asked to contact the SLD's Client Service Bureau immediately at 1-888-203-8100.

In addition, USAC said that it had come to its attention that an E-rate consultant has advertised itself as an "SLD certified" consultant. USAC said this claim was "misleading," since neither the SLD nor USAC certifies or otherwise approves outside consultants and service providers.

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