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SLD Approves $24 Million in Priority One Commitments for 2004

The Schools and Libraries Division announced that on May 11 it will release $24.2 million worth of funding commitments for the 2004 funding year. This second wave, which will distribute nearly 2,300 letters to E-rate applicants, applies only to Priority One funds (telecommunications services and Internet access). Once discount levels have been determined, the SLD will start funding Priority Two services (internal connections).

Including this latest wave, over 6,100 funding letters have been issued to applicants bringing the total commitment, thus far, to more than $61.2 million for the 2004 funding year. The SLD is sending out 2003 and 2004 funding letters in alternative waves and will continue to send out letters for funding years 2000, 2001 and 2002 as applications are being approved.

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