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SLD Issues Clarification on Early Filing the Form 470

The Schools and Libraries Division May 6 posted new information on the procedures applicants must follow if they post a Form 470 application for a funding year before the SLD has revised the form for that year.

In general, the SLD said applicants should not file the Form 470 before the SLD announces that the new form is ready. However, the SLD acknowledged that some applicants may have long procurement cycles or other reasons why they need to file a Form 470 before the latest version is ready.

The SLD said applicants can proceed to file a Form 470 for the 2005 funding year if they follow some specific guidelines that are available on the SLD Web site at These instructions vary, depending on whether the applicant did the form online or on paper. The SLD said that applicants filing Form 470 applications now may be required to file a supplemental form to provide additional information, once the Form 470 for the 2005 funding year is revised.

The SLD said that if applicants have already filed a Form 470 to cover new services for the 2005 funding year, and indicated somewhere on their form that they were seeking services for the 2005 funding year, they do not need to refile their Form 470 at this time.

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