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Reminder: January 20 Is Last Possible Date to Post a Form 470 Application

E-rate applicants are reminded that January 20 is the last possible date that a Form 470 application can be posted for the 2005 E-rate funding year and still leave enough time for the requisite 28-day posting period before the Form 471 application deadline at 11:59 E.S.T. on February 17, 2005.

If at all possible, it is recommended that applicants NOT wait until the last minute to post their Form 470 applications because it would mean they would have to choose a vendor, negotiate, approve and sign a valid contract, and complete their E-rate application all in a single day.

Last week, the Schools and Libraries Division posted a document on its Website that incorrectly said that January 21 was the last date a Form 470 could be posted to meet the requirements of the Form 471 application filing deadline. The SLD has since corrected this document to make it clear that January 20 is the last possible date. An application that is posted online on that date will generate an "Allowable Contract Date" of February 17, 2005, the deadline for filing the Form 471 application.

Program participants are reminded that a posted Form 470 application displays the SLD's permissible "Allowable Contract Date." An E-rate eligible contract that was based on that Form 470 application must be signed and dated on or after that date. In addition, the information included with the online Form 470 posting indicates whether the SLD has received the applicant's certification for its Form 470 application. This must be submitted by the close of the application filing window on February 17 for any Form 470 applications that will be referenced on that application.

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