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SLD Provides More Information About Status of Application Review

The Schools and Libraries Division has decided to make more information available about where E-rate applications stand in the application review process. The change addresses one of the recommendations that was made in fall 2003 by its Task Force on the Prevention of Waste, Fraud and Abuse.

As before, the current status of applications can be reviewed by going to this link and entering the Billed Entity Number of the applicant and the funding year in question. Previously applications were shown simply as being “In Review.” Now they will be shown as progressing through "Initial Review," “Final Review," two stages of "Quality Assurance," and, if pertinent, "Held for Policy Guidance." The table will also show when an application is being "Held for Contact Person," and enable contact persons to notify the SLD that they wish to be re-contacted.

The SLD said that statuses will be updated in real-time, and thus may move between more than one stage in a given day. An application may also move to an earlier status, a development, the SLD said, "that is part of the normal review process" and "should not be cause for concern."

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