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SLD Commits $28 million in Wave 7 2005 Funding Year

The SLD sent FCDLs to 470 applicants and 438 service providers in this latest 2005 funding wave totaling close to $28 million in commitments. That brings the total 2005 funding year commitments to $486 million and the SLD has not yet started issuing internal connections (priority 2) services to date.

Here are three reasons why applications were denied this funding wave.

  1. A contract for a new service was signed prior to the required 28-day waiting period computed from the date of the posting of the Form 470 to the SLD Web Site.

  2. Applicant has not provided sufficient documentation to determine the eligibility of this item.

  3. FCC rules require that a contract for the products/services be signed and dated by both parties prior to the filing of the Form 471. This requirement was not met.

It is important to remember that service providers can assist their customers on certain types of PIA questions. If PIA sends an applicant a question regarding eligibility issues, the applicant can contact their vendor for assistance. It is equally critical that applicants wait 28 days after posting their Form 470 before signing contacts. When a Form 470 is posted to the SLD website, the applicant will get an allowable contract date which tells them when they can sign the contract. Contracts also need to be signed by both parties before the Form 471 window closes or the project will get denied.

The full funding wave can be viewed at E-rate Manager Wave Reports.

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