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USAC Projects $365 Million in Rollover Funds For Future Years

In the August 2005 USAC Quarterly Report to the FCC, USAC projects that $365 million in unused funds will be available from previous funding years for rollover purposes for future years. USAC's analysis was based on "…estimates of funds needed to pay additional disbursements on committed funding requests and disbursements on requests that have not yet received funding commitments, as well as contingency reserves to cover potential disbursements and appeals…."

USAC also reported the number of applications still under review from 2001-2004.

  • Funding Year 2001: four potentially fundable applications
  • Funding Year 2002: 30 potentially fundable applications
  • Funding Year 2003: 72 potentially fundable applications
  • Funding Year 2004: 447 potentially fundable applications
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