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FCC Approves 2006 Eligible Services List

On November 22 the FCC approved the 2006 Eligible Services List. The FCC has authorized the SLD to open the Form 471 filing window on December 1, 2005. The USAC Schools and Libraries Committee Board has authorized the SLD to have a 70 day filing window which would mean the Form 471 window deadline would be in early February.

Here are a few headlines from the 2006 Eligible Services List and Funds For Learning will review for further changes.

  • Note Concerning Combined Priority 1 Services: We have declined to adopt USAC's proposal to require applicants to use a separate Funding Request Number for the Internet Access portion of a combined service offering.
  • Wireless Internet: We have clarified USAC's proposed changes to the entry for Wireless Internet to provide eligibility for wireless internet access for portable devices as long as the applicant has in place an auditable system to allocate between eligible and ineligible uses
  • Terminal Servers: We have revised USAC's proposed language for this new entry which had indicated that a terminal server that provided access to software was ineligible under the guidelines.
  • Certifications and Statements Regarding Eligible Use: We decline to adopt USAC's proposed entry and corresponding modifications asking for additional certifications beyond the certifications already required in Block 6 of Form 471.
  • WAN vs. LAN Components: We make minor changes to establish that there could be one demarcation point per each Wide Area Network service.

The FCC press release can be found at

The 2006 Eligible Services List can be found at

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