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SLD Committed Another $29 million in 2005

The SLD this week committed $29 million in Funding Year 2005 of which $2.9 million was for internal connections at the 90% threshold and funded $100,000 basic maintenance requests. That brings the total 2005 committed to $966 million with over $2 billion still pending.

There was a school district that lost out on several million dollars of 2005 E-rate discounts because of “failure to provide documentation of evidence that disqualified bidders were made aware of why they would be disqualified.” It is important to keep good records of your competitive bidding process. Further competitive bidding guidance can be found on the SLD website at

The SLD also notified 2 applicants the status of their 2004 requests. The total 2004 committed amount is close to $2.29 billion with $280 million still pending.

The full funding waves can be viewed at E-rate Manager Wave Reports.

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