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USAC Highlights Administrative Procedures

The FCC’s Fifth Report and Order directed USAC to submit to the Commission a list summarizing “all current USAC administrative procedures”. These procedures highlighted are not rules explicitly laid out by the FCC, but nonetheless, are critical to follow if you want to have a successful E-rate application.

The PIA procedures that were not listed in last year’s report include:

  • Alternative Discount Verification – Survey Method
  • Consortium Reviews – Deficient Letters of Agency
  • Contract Signature and Date Requirements
  • Generic Form 470 Service Category Description
  • Letter of Agency or Consultant Agreements
  • Non-compliant Auditee
  • Selective Review Information Request Certification
  • Partial Year Technology Plan Service End Date Adjustments

The one administrative procedure from last year’s report that was omitted this year was:

Superintendent Verification of Funding Request – USAC confirms that the chief school or library official has authorized the submission of the funding request The SLD is apparently no longer performing this procedure.

USAC’s Administrative Procedures can be viewed by clicking USAC Procedures Nov 2006.pdf

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