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USAC Recommends to FCC to Commit Priority Two Requests at 86% Discount Threshold for FY 2006

The USAC Schools and Libraries Committee held a non-quarterly board meeting this week and recommended to the FCC that USAC start funding priority two requests at 86% and above.  The FCC needs to approve that recommendation, however, it does appear they approved that USAC fund 87% discount rate and above as close to $22 million was committed at the 87% discount band in Wave 36.  In future waves we will be able to determine when the FCC approves USAC committing priority two at the 86% discount threshold.  This week the SLD committed two FY 2006 waves and one FY 2005 wave.

Funding Year 2006

Wave:  36
FCDL:  12/20/2006
Applicants:  1,024
Vendors:  696
Requested:  $114,967,405.68
Committed:  $33,444,073.32

Wave:  35
FCDL:  12/19/2006
Applicants:  348
Vendors:  417
Requested:  $27,873,977.76
Committed:  $20,559,387.46

Funding Year 2005

Wave:  065
FCDL:  12/18/2006
Applicants:  5
Vendors:  18
Requested:  $1,111,931.53
Committed:  $904,007.35

The full funding waves can be viewed at E-rate Manager Wave Reports

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