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Incorrect RAL Information Sent to Applicants

Over 8,000 Receipt Acknowledgement Letters (RALs) with incorrect information were sent out to applicants. This was due to a programming error which has now been corrected. The SLD reported that 'The incorrect information appeared in Item 23g (Ineligible non-recurring charges). The incorrect information did not affect the calculation for the value in Item 23h (Eligible pre-discount amount for non-recurring charges)." The SLD will send out revised RALs in the next few days

Applicants receive the RAL once the Form 471 has been successfully entered into the SLD system. It is important for applicants to review the RAL carefully as it is an opportunity to correct certain mistakes. Applicants have 20 days to send corrected RALs back to the SLD.

A list of the FRNs affected may be viewed at Incorrect FY 2007 RALs

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