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SLD Commits Additional $29.6 Million in FY 2006

The SLD released wave 41 for FY 2006 committing $29,671,338 of which $17,248,775 was committed for priority two requests.  In FY 2006 the SLD has committed $1,716,659,595 and has $1,032,376,985 pending.  There is still no indication when the SLD will start issuing priority two commitments under the 87% threshold. 

Large Denial Explanations in Wave 41:

  • $827,000 was denied due to the 30% rule.  The 30% rule states that the SLD will deny a request if 30% or more of the request are for an ineligible services or products. 
  • $2,482,490 was denied because “applicant did not respond to Administrator's request for budget information and thus did not demonstrate that funding needed to pay applicant portion of the charges had been secured when you filed your Form 471”
  • $510,931 was denied due to a “cost effectiveness review, which has determined that your request for internal connections has not been justified as cost effective by FCC rules”
  • $440,124 was denied due to contract issues.
  • The applicant did not have a signed and dated contract by both parties prior to the filing of the Form 471.
  • No contract or legally binding agreement was in place when the Form 471 certification was filed.
  • A contract for a new service was signed prior to the required 28-day waiting period computed from the date of the posting of the Form 470 to the SLD Web Site.

As the Funding Year 2007 Form 471 deadline approaches it is important to remember these critical regulations and pay close attention to details.  Another common denial reason is that applicants will post their Form 470 to the SLD website and then forget to certify it.  Funds For Learning has a list of all the uncertified Form 470’s by state which can be found on our website at /component/option,com_state_info/Itemid,31.  Not only is it important for schools to visit the site to confirm, but service providers who do not want to see their projects denied because of an uncertified Form 470 should check as well.

The full funding waves can be viewed at E-rate Manager Wave Reports

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