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FFL Seeks Applicant Support for Eligible Services Comments

Basic Maintenance services offer the promise of much needed technology support; however, current E-rate regulations limit them to a strict 12-month period starting on July 1 of each funding year. This requirement often limits or completely eliminates the ability to use these funding commitments. Additional service date flexibility is needed in order for applicants to fully leverage the Basic Maintenance service category.

This is where applicants can help. Applicants have an opportunity to help make an important change to the Basic Maintenance service category.On August 10, Funds For Learning, LLC, submitted a filing to the Federal Communications Commission requesting that additional flexibility be given to the timeframes in which Basic Maintenance services can be provided. (Click here to read the entire filing.)

Because the timing of Basic Maintenance services impacts so many applicants, we believe it is important that the FCC hear support for this proposal from as many E-rate stakeholders as possible. The deadline for such comments is this Friday, August 17.

If you support our proposal, please invest 3 minutes of your time to let the FCC know. You can do so simply by sending an e-mail to the FCC. A sample e-mail is shown below. (Click here to read about e-mailing reply comments.)

We believe that Basic Maintenance can play a significant role in sustaining technology infrastructure in schools and libraries. Please consider partnering with Funds For Learning to request that the FCC give E-rate applicants the flexibility they need to effectively utilize Basic Maintenance service discounts.

Thank you,
John D. Harrington
Funds For Learning, LLC

1) Cut and paste the text below into a word processor.
2) Insert your name, address, city, state, zip and phone number in the fields marked ******.
3) Save the document as a simple ASCII text file.
4) Send the file to

ECFS – Email Filing
<DATE> 08/14/07
<NAME> ******
<ADDRESS1> ******
<CITY> ******
<STATE> ******
<ZIP> ******
<DESCRIPTION> E-mail Comment
<TEXT> Dear FCC,
We have read the comments filed by Funds For Learning regarding the Eligible Services List for 2008.Our school has had issues with receiving and effectively utilizing funding for Basic Maintenance during the July 1-to-June 30 timeframe.We agree with the recommendations of FFL and would urge the Commission to take those recommendations under advisement.

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