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Bill Introduced to Expand E-rate Eligible Services

Representative Bobby Rush (D-IL) recently introduced legislation which would enable schools to purchase enhanced emergency notification services using E-rate funds. In letter he sent to his colleagues asking for others to sign on to the bill he stated,

"As the nation observes the anniversaries of the tragedies at Virginia Tech University and Columbine High School, it is imperative that we ensure that all of our schools and universities have the resources to implement potentially life-saving alert systems to warn students, school employees, and parents when an emergency strikes… While colleges and universities have employed these vital measures, it is also essential that our K-12 public schools have the resources to implement potentially life-saving emergency alert systems."

 There are two ways for stakeholders to get additional services included in the eligible services list.  The first is through statute and to have Congress assert its authority and mandate to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) any additional services that should be included. The second way is to encourage the FCC directly in their rulemaking process.  Every year the FCC releases a draft Eligible Services List and E-rate stakeholders typically have two weeks to respond, make suggestions and providing feedback.

Click here to read the measure.

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