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DISD FRNs Cancelled Following DoJ Settlement

As a follow-up to our news story about the Dallas Independent School District and the Department of Justice reaching a settlement agreement last month, we noticed that Dallas’ 2007 Internal Connections funding requests have been denied in a wave released late last week. The explanation of the cancellation provided by the SLD for these FRNs is interesting:

Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement between Dallas Independent School District and the United States of America acting through the United States Department of Justice and on behalf of the Federal Communications Commission (collectively, the “United States,”) Dallas ISD fully released the United States, including but not limited to the FCC, and USAC from any obligations to pay and/or any other liability for work performed or to be performed under or in connection with this FRN. Therefore, pursuant to the Terms and Conditions agreed upon in the Settlement Agreement, the FRN has been canceled.

In total over $106 million in requests were denied with this explanation.

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