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SLC Anticipates $900 Million Available for Rollover

At the Schools and Libraries Committee (SLC) of USAC’s quarterly board meeting held earlier today, it was reported that approximately $900 million of unused E-rate funds from previous years could be used to increase available funding for Funding Year 2010. The full details of the source of the funds will be released next week in USAC’s quarterly report.

The FCC will determine how much of the available unused funds may be rolled over to Funding Year 2010.

In addition to information potential funding roll over, other items were covered in the meeting, including:

  • The SLD is currently awaiting authorization from the FCC before it can start issuing FY 2010 commitments,
  • The FCC is reviewing the FY 2010 PIA Procedures Manual, in which the SLD describes it procedures for reviewing applications to ensure that E-rate program compliance rules are met,
  • It is expected that approximately $350 million in Priority One applications will be funded in the first wave of commitments ($133 million was committed in the first wave for FY 2009, and
  • The FCC may will release a draft of the FY 2011 Eligible Services List (ESL) for comment before the first service provider training, which is scheduled on May 4th.
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