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USAC Seeks Final Priority 2 Threshold for FY09, Start for FY10

The USAC Schools and Libraries Committee met today and is recommending to the FCC that the final FY2009 priority two discount threshold be set at 78%. The practical effect of this decision is that 53 applicants at the 77% discount level who requested a total of $4.47 million would not be able to receive their funding in order to start their priority two projects for FY2009.

The USAC Schools and Libraries Committee is also seeking approval from the FCC to start issuing FY2010 priority two projects at the 90% level and to deny any priority two applications at 70% or below. The first FY2009 funding wave where applicants received funding for priority two applications at the 90% discount level was September 3, 2009.

While it can take several weeks for the FCC to approve these recommendations, USAC would still be on pace to issue the first FY2010 priority two funding wave ahead of FY2009. Funds For Learning will announce when the FCC approve these recommendations.

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