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FCC Provides Insights into New E-rate Rules

On September 23, the FCC will release new E-rate rules based on the goals and objectives of the National Broadband Plan. In preparation of this Order to be released on September 23, the FCC released a general outline of the changes that will occur and that USAC will need to implement.

At a Common Sense Media Forum event today, Chairman Genachowski was a keynote speaker and stated that the Order will be a “major modernization” of the E-rate program and will “….eliminate regulations that do not make sense…”

More specifically:

  • The FCC will be launching a pilot program to support off-campus wireless Internet connectivity for mobile devices;
  • The FCC will allow E-rate participants to apply for funds to take advantage of unused fiber lines already in place;
  • The FCC will permanently codify the rule for schools to have the option to open up their doors after hours to allow the community to utilize their Internet connectivity;
  • The FCC will streamline the process and regulatory red tape

For complete coverage of the Broadband Order and its implications on E-rate, continue to check with When the full Order is released on the 23rd, Funds For Learning will have it available on our website and will provide an analysis of the implications of the new rules.

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