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Deadline for EDU Applications this Friday

Schools looking to apply for the E-rate Deployed Ubiquitously (EDU2011) Pilot Program should be aware that the deadline for application submission is Friday, December 17. Please visit the FCC’s Public Notice for more details on the application process and requirements.

The EDU2011 Pilot program was created by $10 million in grant money given to the FCC to gather more information on support of innovative and interactive off–premise wireless device connectivity for schools and libraries, as well as assess the merits and challenges of off-campus connectivity services.

Potential applicants should note that EDU2011 will only support wireless projects that are already underway or that have been planned, but just await funding for the project. EDU2011 will not provide support for the portable devices or equipment, but only the connectivity services.

Applicants choosing to apply must provide a detailed description of the current program and how it is structured. They must also identify and outline all costs associated with the program and supply the applicable technology plans that outline how the program fits in the overall integrated school’s technology plan. Schools must further outline and describe internal policies and procedures for acceptable use and explain how they will carry out CIPA compliance in concert with the program.

Applicants for the pilot program will not be required to cost-allocate Internet Access provided off-site, but they will still be required to pay any non-discounted share. Student performance data must be collected on effectiveness and reported as part of the program.

Competitive bidding rules for applicants who already have legally binding agreements with existing providers for these services are waived. Other rules may be waived to the extent necessary to run the program, however the current CIPA requirements remain in effect for the program.

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