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USAC Submits E-rate Stakeholder Questions to FCC

The FCC’s Sixth Report & Order was released in late September, outlining some substantial changes to the E-rate program. Since that time, applicants and service providers alike have asked questions and are still seeking further clarification and guidance from the FCC to better understand how to remain in compliance with the new rules. USAC requested that stakeholders send in their questions and concerns, so that they could be submitted to the FCC in one document. While USAC had submitted the document to the FCC a couple of weeks ago, it has just now been made public.

The main concerns outlined in the filing fall into four categories:

  • New Basic Maintenance and Unbundled Warranties
  • Gift Ban Clarification
  • Dark Fiber
  • SPIN changes

AT&T and Qwest each submitted their own questions seeking clarification on many of the same issues above. As soon as further information is available, Funds For Learning will alert stakeholders of the new guidance.

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