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FCC Releases Clarification Order for Items 21

The FCC has released a clarification Order regarding the submission deadline for Items 21. The FCC initially announced on November 22nd when the new Form 470 and Form 471 were released, that all Item 21 information was due by the close of the filing window. However, the FCC has now provided stakeholders with additional information on submitting the Item 21 attachments after the filing deadline.

Applicants must submit their Item 21 attachment (Description of Services) before the Funding Year 2011 Form 471 Window closes on March 24th. However, if the SLD determines that Item 21 information is missing, the SLD will send the applicant a written notification requesting the Item 21 attachments and granting the applicant 15 calendar days to timely submit their information to the SLD. If the Item 21 information is not received within 15 days, the applicant risks having their funding request being denied. If applicants do not provide a timely response, the SLD has been directed by the FCC to treat the application as if it were submitted after the close of the filing window.

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