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FCC Releases E-rate Broadband Usage Survey

The FCC released the findings of the 2010 E-rate Program and Broadband Usage Survey that were collected from FY2008 E-rate funding recipients. The FCC’s primary goal was “to collect data on the current state of broadband connectivity for E-rate funded schools and libraries and inquire into challenges related to broadband use that recipients face now or will face in the future.” The data will help the FCC with various policy decisions regarding Broadband deployment to schools and libraries in the future.

The key topics highlighted in the report include:

  • Connection speeds
  • Satisfaction with Current Connectivity
  • Issues Preventing Recipients from Obtaining or Using Internet Access Necessary to Meet Needs
  • Areas of Technology and Infrastructure Needing Improvement
  • Computers in Schools
  • Wireless Applications in Schools and Libraries
  • Handheld Devices in Schools and Libraries
  • Applications Currently Used by Schools and Libraries



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