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Michigan IT Owner Pleads Guilty to E-rate Fraud

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) reported that Jeremy Sheets plead guilty to engaging in wire fraud in connection with the E-rate program. The fraud lasted approximately six years beginning in late 2001 through 2007.

According to the DoJ:

Jeremy Sheets, the president and part owner of an Internet and technology services company, violated E-Rate program rules by compensating two school districts for their share of E-Rate expenses. In addition, Sheets utilized E-Rate funds to purchase undisclosed items, some of which were not eligible for E-Rate funding. Sheets concealed his violation of E-Rate program rules from the E-Rate program by fraudulently misrepresenting that the schools had been billed for their E-Rate expenses when, in fact, Sheets had reimbursed the schools for their share of expenses.

The FCC along with the DoJ and FBI have a joint task force to work on E-rate related fraud cases and as of today, a total of seven companies and 20 individuals have pleaded guilty or have been convicted and found guilty or entered civil settlements with the Government.

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