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FCC Seeks Comment on Discount Threshold

The FCC has released a Public Notice at Funds For Learning’s request to get further comment from E-rate stakeholders on the USAC Schools and Libraries Committee’s recommendation that final Funding Year 2010 Priority Two Discount Level be 81%.

At the USAC Schools and Libraries Committee quarterly meeting held on January 24, 2011, the committee recommended to the FCC that the final FY2010 Priority Two Discount Level be 81%. The committee cited their belief that they will ultimately not have enough funds to cover any Priority Two requests at the 80% level. Priority Two requests at the 80% discount level for Funding Year 2010 total $279.43 million.

One week after this recommendation, USAC released their Quarterly Report announcing that they have $400 million currently available for potential rollover.

Stakeholders wishing to submit comment may do so by accessing the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System. Respondents will need to reference “02-6” in the proceeding number box to designate the subject as a matter of the Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism (E-rate). The deadline for comment is March 7th.

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