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Weekly FY2011 Form 471 Ticker

Weekly FY2011 Form 471 Ticker*

  • Requested Amount: $$3,743,117,830.67
  • Number of FRNS: 118,820
  • Number of Applicants: 23,012

Requests by Service Category

  • Telecom Requested Amount: $1,422,218,463.70
  • Internet Access Requested Amount: $484,857,126.26
  • Internal Connections Requested Amount: $1,610,507,034.64
  • Basic Maintenance Requested Amount: $225,535,206.07

Requests by Applicant Type

  • School District: $3,085,474,622.86
  • Library: $95,773,241.01
  • School: $264,920,512.90
  • Consortium: $296,949,453.90

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*The FY2011 Filing Window closed on March 24, 2011. The above figures are only a preliminary FY2011 demand estimate, as not all the Form 471 applications are in the SLD’s Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) yet. When all the information is accurately through the SLD’s DRT, FFL will update these numbers with our final analysis on the FY 2011 funding picture.

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