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$600 Million Available for Possible Rollover

The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) released their Quarterly Report on March 31 announcing that they have $600 million currently available for potential rollover into Funding Year 2011. The funds available for rollover have increased by an additional $200 million since USAC’s last Quarterly Report in February.

Based on the FCC’s Third Report and Order, the FCC can direct USAC to apply unused funds to increase the amount of available funding for a particular funding year and every quarter USAC is required to revise their estimates of the unused funds. In FY2009 and FY2010, the FCC directed USAC to rollover $900 million in each year respectively to increase the overall funding pot. The FCC will announce how much of the $600 million they will authorize USAC to rollover by July. This will have a direct impact on how many priority two projects will ultimately receive E-rate support for their projects.

USAC reported the breakdown of unused funds by year as follows:

  • FY2003 – $20 million
  • FY2004 – $50 million
  • FY2005 – $110 million
  • FY2006 – $95 million
  • FY2007 – $165 million
  • FY2008 – $160 million

The quarterly report also highlighted the number of potentially fundable applications (Forms 471) they have left for each funding year. As of March 31, 2011:

  • FY2001 – 2 potentially fundable applications (unchanged from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2002 – 1 potentially fundable application (unchanged from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2003 – 2 potentially fundable applications (unchanged from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2004 – 29 potentially fundable applications (down 1 from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2005 – 20 potentially fundable applications (down 2 from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2006 – 52 potentially fundable applications (down 9 from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2007 – 120 potentially fundable applications (down 9 from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2008 – 156 potentially fundable applications (down 35 from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2009 – 446 potentially fundable applications (down 192 from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2010 – 4,278 potentially fundable applications (down 2,657 from last Quarterly Report)

The following analysis details the dollar amounts that are pending for each of those funding years by service category.

Telecommunications Category Pending Amount

Internet Access Category Pending Amount

Internal Connections Category Pending Amount

Basic Maintenance Category Pending Amount

If an applicant is unsure why their funding from previous years is still pending, it would be advisable to contact USAC and inquire if they are waiting for additional documentation or need any further information.

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