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USAC Quarterly Report: $1.1 Billion Available For Rollover

The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) released their Quarterly Report on August 2, 2011, announcing that approximately $1.1 billion is currently available for potential rollover into Funding Year 2011. The funds available for rollover have increased by an additional $500 million since USAC’s last Quarterly Report in May.

Based on the FCC’s Third Report and Order, the FCC can direct USAC to apply unused funds to increase the amount of available funding for a particular funding year. Every quarter, USAC is required to revise their estimates of the unused funds. In FY2009 and FY2010, the FCC directed USAC to rollover $900 million per year to increase overall funding availability. The FCC should announce how much of the $1.1 billion they will authorize USAC to carry forward within the next few weeks. This announcement will have a direct impact on how many Priority Two projects will ultimately receive E-rate support for Funding Year 2011.

USAC reported the breakdown of unused funds by year as follows:

  • FY2003 – $20 million
  • FY2004 – $50 million
  • FY2005 – $120 million
  • FY2006 – $115 million
  • FY2007 – $275 million
  • FY2008 – $390 million
  • FY 2009 – $130 million

The quarterly report also highlighted the number of potentially fundable applications (Forms 471) they have left for each funding year. As of June 30, 2011:

  • FY2001 – 2 potentially fundable applications (unchanged from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2002 – 1 potentially fundable application (unchanged from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2003 – 2 potentially fundable applications (unchanged from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2004 – 29 potentially fundable applications (unchanged from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2005 – 15 potentially fundable applications (down 5 from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2006 – 51 potentially fundable applications (down 1 from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2007 – 113 potentially fundable applications (down 7 from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2008 – 142 potentially fundable applications (down 14 from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2009 – 330 potentially fundable applications (down 116 from last Quarterly Report)
  • FY2010 – 3,299 potentially fundable applications (down 929 from last Quarterly Report)
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