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2012 Survey Part 5: Which services are most important?

Survey questions two and five asked applicants how they would prioritize the use of funding for certain types of services, as well as which E-rate funding categories are most important to their organization.

Part 5 Fast Facts

  • 39% of respondents indicated that they would prioritize Internet access and cloud services over Priority 2 purchases or cellular services.

  • If forced to choose only one funding category, 42% indicated that they would choose Internet Access.

Questions and Responses


It is clear from the survey results that applicants place a high value on funding availability for Internet access services, with approximately 40% of respondents indicating that they would prioritize Internet access over other types of services. The results for questions two and five were very similar between applicants who have received Priority 2 funding within the past few years and those who have not.

While Internet access services are clearly a priority for all applicants, there were interesting variations in the responses to question two between applicants who have only one site and those who have multiple locations:

Single-site applicants appear to place a much higher emphasis on local telephone service than multi-site applicants, but multi-site applicants were twice as likely to rank Internal Connections as their highest priority.

Survey Webinar

Funds For Learning will be conducting a free webinar to discuss the survey results in their entirety on Wednesday, August 29 at 2:00 Eastern time.

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